About Us / درباره ما

About Us / درباره ما

گروه بازرگانی و حمل ونقل مشهد  با سابقه طولانی و تیمی مجرب در امر حمل ونقل کالا آماده است ارائه گر خدمات به مشتریان خود در زمینه حمل و نقلاثاثیه منزل به تمام نقاط اروپا و همچنین کانادا  یا حمل کالای تجاری از ایران به کلیه مقاصد اروپا و آسیای میانه و و بلعکس با استفاده از طرق صادرات و واردات، ترانزیت، می باشد.

همچنین این شرکت با دارا بودن کامیون های یخچالی می تواند ضامن کلیه نیاز های شما مشتریان گرامی و کارخانه داران محترم در این امر باشد .

سرعت، دقت، سرویس ایمن و ارتباط همیشگی و لحظه به لحظه با مشتریان از خصوصیات بارز این شرکت می باشد ، که باعث ایجاد ارتباطی طولانی و بر پایه احترام گردیده است

کافی است یک بار حمل کالای خود را به ما بسپارید

تلفن : 05138844768

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موبایل: 09154495567

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Welcome to the dynamic world of Mashhad Group in Iran, one stop destination for your total logistics needs.. Our authentic and trusted services have helped us to achieve an unrivaled name for ourselves. With the help of our vast and well settled branches throughout different parts of Iran and different border( Afghanistan, Iraq,Azerbaijan) , we are able to provide our customers with hassle free Air, Sea and Land transport services.

Logistics is the management of details in any operation. International logistics is not only the management of material & information but also of maintaining relationships. One therefore has to co-ordinate the activities of various participants viz. Exporter, Importer, Customs, Shipping lines, Airlines etc in the logistics chain to achieve your shipping objectives economically, efficiently & consistently.

Our skills and expertise cover a wide range of Logistics services. We are committed to help organizations for consistent growth of their international trade.

We have strong network all over the world and offer door to door delivery safely and swiftly. We constantly upgrade our skills and investment in technology to make logistics simple and ensure customer satisfaction.

Our ability to provide initial guidance at early biding stages of a project to ensure appropriate logistic freight-forwarding solutions at the best possible price have been the foundation of our growth.

We contract with almost every major steamship line on behalf of our customers and continuously offer innovative and reliable logistics solutions meeting our customers changing business requirement with best selection of services and competitive rates in every trade lane.

we realize that clients have specific requirements with regards to their shipments. We therefore spend considerable time to consult clients individually to understand their specific requirements. Thus we never try to fit a standard product to your special needs.

Let Our company be your business partner. We have the resources & the expertise to help you compete more effectively. Giving us an opportunity to serve you would definitely be the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Reliability quick response and regular status updates will be available for your goods.